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About maximuskay2 February 6, 2020
Design | Create | Fix | Play

MaximusInfotech is tech company owned by software Engineer  Akingbade, Kayode Emmanuel. It was born  from the desire to build and create anything technological in the modern fast moving world 

About MaximusInfotech

MaximusInfotech  Designs and creates digital solutions for  businesses globally, from new start ups to  Larger enterprises looking to launch new models in the tech space.

The Team works together to make Your Dreams work.

With years of experience in the website design and App development industry, MaximusInfotech prides herself on creating unique & quality designs that  draws the attention of end users 

  • Beautiful and easily conceivable Layouts
  • Modern Designs
  • Exceptional Creativity Towards Projects development
Build websites & Apps

creativity Unmatched

Fix, Maintain and Purchase Gadgets

Expertise in Hardware and software

Play and Purchase Games

The rules are Simple!

Meet The Team
Creative people
Philip Dubem
Akingbade Kayode
Senior Developer
Ifiok Ekwere
Graphics Designer
Ndifreke Ufot
Operations Officer
Elisha Ufot
Hardware Specialist
Joseph Archibong